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a Real, (r)Evolutionary, Vital

a modern-day community for Men and Women ready to discover + cultivate their life purpose and to take action in creating the change they wish to see in their communities and the world. 

Changemakers, Leaders, Creators who are expressed in their life purpose, expand it here.

Want to discover, share, or expand your LIFE PURPOSE?

We got you covered....

REV Talks.

REV Talks is a new way for changemakers, thought leaders, and creators in Denver to connect through real, curious conversations about things that matter to us. Eat, drink, discover the synergy of REV Tribe, and experience our revolution on socializing and learning.


Ignite and discover more of yourself and your vision. Cultivate REV Tribe’s synergy, connection, key elements, skills, and community with other change-makers and creators. Receive clarity, direction, elevated energy, and passionate action for your life and work. This structured, intentional conversation is our revolution on “Class”.


Energize, cultivate, and deepen connection to yourself, your vision, to others and the world, while co-creating the community you have always been needing and desiring for yourself. Receive transformation, authentic results, and new, creative collaborations through and with others on a similar life course, professional coaching/facilitation, and masterminding/group support. It is our revolution on working together and sharing our life with others.

Connective Hour.


Get ignited and inspired with connections and a taste of the REV Tribe vibe. Discover opportunities and resources with other changemakers and creators, new or experienced. Enjoy refreshments and refreshing people every week. It is our revolution on “happy hours”.


Collaborate with Us.

We are a "mentorship community". If you are a leader, share it & we all elevate. See what we can do together: 


REV has made a huge impact on my mental focus and support. Knowing that there are others out there that help to encourage and inspire me to keep moving forward with my vision. I giggle with excitement with each REV encounter from the passion that each person has to MAKE CHANGE! Watch out, it’s contagious!! What Susannah has developed is profound and I’m so thankful for the gift of being introduced to her and REV.
— Heather Farrell
I left feeling empowered to go out in the world and make a difference. I absolutely had a blast at REV Talks. There was so much love, inspiration, and support in the room. I felt like I was around family. The conversations were so rich and alive. I left that night feeling empowered to go out in the world and make a difference. Not to mention I walked away with 4 new friends that I will be in contact with.
— Josie Smith

Collaborate With Us


In REV Tribe, we practice bringing collaboration and mentorship within the community to LIFE. There are many dynamic opportunities available for experienced changemakers, creators, entrepreneurs to share their gifts, contributions, and stories within the community. We know that in the spirit of sharing our gifts, we are all elevated and engage in being solution and co-creation of new ways that work. Here are the ways to contribute!

  • Teaching a Co-Class 

  • Hosting a Connective Hour

  • Collaborative Partner for a REV Talks event

  • Contribute your Story to the Global Virtual Hub

  • Donating or discounting Products, Services, or Opportunities to Support the Community

To know more about each opportunity or apply, visit here:

REV Tribe’s Global Community


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