REV Tribe aligns with leaders who share in our vision for mentorship community, collaboration, and authentic relating. We partner with those who have demonstrated and consciously practice the key elements of REV Tribe in their life and work. Below are the various opportunities to join us in this expanding this vision, and the visions of those within the community. 

Be a Connector Host for Co-Inspiring


I'm very thankful for the incredible community of people I've met, the connections I've made, and how both have supported me in what I'm creating in my business.

-Laura Li, Denver

Be a Sponsor/Collaborative Partner for REV Talks

REV Talks is a new way for experienced and emerging changemakers, thought leaders, and creators to connect through real, curious conversations about things that matter to us. Eat, drink, discover the synergy of REV Tribe, and experience our revolution on socializing and learning. Topic varies.

When: One evening every 2 months. 


I had never been in such a large group of people who were encouraged to be vulnerable and to create a safe space for each other. To see the power of that in action was special. 

-C.L., Denver

What you receive as the Partner: 

  • Virtual or in-person interview with me to share on Social Media
  • Talk time and interview at the REV Talks event, 25-50 people in attendence
  • Free attendence + 2 free tickets for your guests
  • Shout-outs on Social Media, email, on website-- before and after event
  • Your logo/headshot/website on the slideshow during event

Requests of the Partner:

  • Cost is $250 and goes to provide food, wine, and supplies for event
  • Bring easy ways for people to stay connected with you (business cards, flyers, or have your smart phone or tablet fired up!)
  • Please share this opportunity on your channels of social media, personally invite your people, and be a team player!

Apply here for any opportunities, or keep reading for info on others….


the inspiration that leads her to help and reach out to other inspired and aspiring leaders in a much needed way. 

Jentrey Potter, Denver

Be a Contributor for the Virtual Global Hub:

With REV Tribe, we don’t want to know what you do for work first. We want to know your life purpose, what makes you come alive, where you came from, and how we can relate to you. Share your story by answering set questions in writing with an authentic photo of you, or, make a video! Your post will be added to the growing, virtual global hub on Facebook, and may be featured on FB, IG, YouTube, + this website.

Donate or Discount your Products or Services to Benefit the Community/Event Series:

If you are looking for creative ways to give back, to support a community of leaders, or to share what you make or do with more people, consider donating or discounting relevant goods and services. Contact REV Tribe HERE.